My Winx Club sideblog! Talk to me about anything, I'm serious. Request art or fanfiction if you want! My favorites are Tecna and Roxy but I have a strong love for background characters, so it's quite the gamble what you'll see here. I try to balance reblogs with original content, but sometimes I get busy!
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My Art Fanfiction Fancharacter Friday


I wanna do body headcanons too!

  • Bloom is petite (mainly because I like small leaders; see Mina from Virtuous Hearts). She’s 5’1” and super tiny with barely any bust and minimal fat. Her eyes are big and her hair is a little poofier. She wears reading glasses but commonly forgets to put them on (or does she “forget?” because she hates them).
  • Stella is also slightly short at 5’4” but she is chubbier, a little bit on the large size. This is why she didn’t have as much self confidence when she was younger (and I have another headcanon that she had a miserable first year at Alfea which was implied in one of the dubs but isn’t really canon, and I think this is why). It’s her friends and Brandon who help her gain confidence, and most of it in the beginning of Season 1 is actually faked. 
  • Flora is right in the middle. She’s 5’6” and not too thin, not too chubby, kind of round faced with long eyelashes that Stella swears are her best feature. She’s a B cup. Out of all the girls,she is the most body-confident.
  • Musa is also 5’6” and is really classically pretty, which isn’t her style in the first couple seasons, and she deliberately tries to hide it because she’s almost embarrassed. This actually strains the relationship between her and Stella, who would pretty much kill to have a body like Musa’s. Musa is thin, with a D cup set of breasts, wide eyes, and nice skin that doesn’t blemish easily. Her hair is her biggest issue- it’s thick and frizzes easily.
  • Aisha is very ambiguous and athletic, her hair being her most feminine feature and one she only keeps because it looks awful when short. She doesn’t have much of a bust and is very toned. She has a prominent jaw. She’s about 5’7.5”
  • Roxy is tall, to Bloom’s slight annoyance, and is about 5’8” to be exact. She otherwise looks pretty childish actually. Her face is heartshaped and her eyes are big. She has a cuter figure, a B cup that isn’t always obvious under the clothes she wears. A little hip, not much. Her face naturally falls into a smile so her neutral expression looks happier than most people’s. Also I like to think that the changing colors of her eyes is a real thing that happens with her and not an animation error.
  • Tecna is tallest at 5’10” and is also pretty much rail thin, though she has a bigger bust than Aisha or Bloom, C cups. She is embarrassed about them though and normally wears sports bras. She always worries people will care more for her body than her mind. After Stella, Tecna is the least body confident, though she rarely admits it.


I remember sometime around 2008 a Winx site stated Tecna was the tallest. Which is something I believe in.

I have no idea what the girl’s actual heights are [They kinda look all the same but that’s probably due to the style.] But it’d be cool if you could notice their height differences.

And it’d also be kinda cute if Bloom was the shortest. Because she’s all powerful but is the tiniest.

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I’ve uploaded a lot of Winx concept art before. It should be in my “Winx Club” tag. (sorry I can’t give links I’m on my app)

ah thank you! i’ll save it for future times. thanks!

i say im going on hiatus and then i show up with icons, sob

here’s some of the flora-with-glasses concept art coloring though!

im interested in coloring some of her magical form too eventually…if anyone comes across high-res concept art for the other girls you should let me know!

Hey guys! sorry about this but I have to put this blog on indefinite hiatus. I’ve recently gotten strongly into Dangan Ronpa and have been concentrating my efforts into roleplaying one of the characters instead of watching winx club in the evenings.  Will I be back? Probably, at some point. Until then, though, I’ll see you around!


To all Winx fans: OMG just look at the first Winx Club scenes ever! These first scenes are animated another way and the transformations look difficult, even Musa’s hair is green and Flora wears glasses! But it’s still great. I think it’s funny that Rainbow once planned to call the series “Winx - just fairies”. Well, whatever: Enjoy!

No rights belong to me, I just found this on YouTube

god i remember that one shot of musa and bloom and stella looking at the book used to show up everywhere and no one knew what it was from

it’s kind of a relief to find out like 8 years later.

Hey Im planing on making my own personl tumblr of W.I.T.C.H. and I need to know how you made the top part of you'r page. Where it has Tecna and it says Go Charmix.. The Icons and GIFs how do you make them also need to know how :/ sorry Im new at this like very new.

Hi! The theme I use has a built-in header…if you go to ‘credit’ you’ll see the person who made it and you can probably find the original theme form there.

I make icons by making a 100 x 100 size canvas in photoshop and putting screencaps in there and resizing as necessary.

I make gifs by taking screencaps of each frame and putting them together in photoshop. It’s really not the most efficient way to do it.

Good luck with your tumblr! I love W.I.T.C.H. so I can’t wait to see it!

For everyone else who as graphic requests, sorry I’ve been super busy! I’ll get around to them eventually.


Flora concept art.

wow, I’ve never seen just a good quality/non watermarked version of this picture! maybe I’ll color it?


Flora concept art.

wow, I’ve never seen just a good quality/non watermarked version of this picture! maybe I’ll color it?

Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of gif requests, so I’m letting you know: I’m currently watching my way through the 5th season and will make gifs as I reach scenes that I want to gif. That means no 3d gifs until I get to sirenix/the infinite ocean, and no earlier season gifs until I get back to watch them later.

Also, if you provide me with a name for you (i’ve been using character name+anon lately) I’ll tag whatever I post with that, so you can track the tag and find your requests easy. Thanks guys!